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Teen on the net?

Many of my friends and family now have teens that are on the net. Most of them either don’t know themselves how their teen can protect their identity or ways to keep safe while online, or their teen doesn’t want to listen to mom or dad. I came across this book that is labeled as […]

Outerz0ne Tech Conference

For those of you interested in technology, security and a bit of hacking 😉 check out Outerz0ne, a conference held in Atlanta, GA in February. I’ve meet many of the people from Outerz0ne from both ATL2600 and when I attended PhreakNic in Tenn last Oct. where I also had a great time. Everyone can expect […]

More Music

A couple days ago I wrote about Pandora and how it could help you find different music. Well I’ve got another music site for you, Musicovery.Using their control panel, you can choose type of music, years of the music and even the mood of the music. What I really like about this site is it […]

Watch those Trackbacks

Tonight I sent a trackback to another site and noticed a couple things.. 1. Because I added tags to the top of my post, the trackback now shows those before it shows the comments. Tags should not be shown. I love the plugin Ultimate Tag Warrior and will have to go in and get rid […] Widget

Mashable talks about the new widget that was released today. I use, not as much as I should, but probably will not use the widget. There are so many of these type of plugins/widgets to choose from, from feedburner to BlogPatrol to get stats for your blog, but a widget to see how […]

Music and Video

With Christmas just days away, I was looking up product reviews on a couple gifts that I was thinking about getting family members. I came across ExpoTV, where users create their own reviews but they are all video. If someone watches your video, you are then rewarded with $.01. I watched a couple and thought […]

Check files for a virus

Have you ever downloaded a file, double clicked it and heard your computer running but nothing happened? Sometime it’s nothing, something didn’t work, the file was corrupt….  But sometimes it’s a virus or could be. Like everyone should, I have virus protection on my computer, it auto updates once a week, but this week I […]


In the last few days I found out that my site could not send trackbacks or pingbacks because of this post (that should have added a comment on my site). I think i’ve found the problem.. After alot of checking and making 500 new post, I think the problem was my permalinks. At first I […]

Video Work

I’ve been doing some work with video and adding it to websites. What I needed to do was take a dvd (not a bought one, a home movie). Take that DVD, and rip the files off of it. Then split it into many parts, take those parts and convert them into flash video. It’s then […]

SideBar Widgets

Since this blog is about things i’ve come across and learned, daily. I have to post about a WordPress plugin I found last night while redoing the site. My friend Scott Janz has his own blog and on the page he has many plugins running on the right side. Sometimes adding and configuring the plugins […]