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CSS Class

Not alot of blogging going on today, I had a CSS class from 9am to 5pm. While durring breaks I helped fellow blogger Scott Janz get his blog back up. (since it was part my fault it went down…. mental note always believe warning messages when they pop up..) I learned alot to help me […]

My Top Task WordPress Plugins

My Top Task WordPress Plugins – Part 2 of 3 Last Friday I posted Part 1 of this series, My Top Visual WordPress Plugins in todays post I’m going to cover the top Task plugins. These are the plugins that I use behind the scenes that help me on a day to day basis to […]

Flickr Photos on MyBlogLog

MyBlogLog, the widget that is taking over the blogging world has just added a small but useful update. Less than a month since Yahoo bought MyBlogLog, they’ve incorperated another one of their web buys with it. Now if you check out the profile page of a visitor, under their name is a link to their […]

Online PhotoShop

My Top Visual WordPress Plugins

My Top Visual WordPress Plugins – Part 1 of 3 Over the next couple days I’m going to write about the WordPress Plugins that I use. The reasons I use them, their exact use and where to get them. Part 1 – Visual WordPress Plugins. This list will be the plugins that I use for […]

MyBlogLog Widget Code Produces W3C Errors

While checking that my site was W3C compliant I noticed that the MyBlogLog code was showing up about 10 times in different places. A quick search found the answer. As per The Real Estate Blog Lab when you see an & add amp; right after it.. check out their site it will explain it all. […]

links for 2007-01-23

Video: More Environmental Hysteria Bullshit Survey, why do you blog? This will help Darren give a talk at Northern Voice in February and you could win cash Technorati Tags: Old Content

links for 2007-01-22

Lightbox 2.3 plugin for WordPress This page is the home of my implementation of the brilliant Lightbox 2.2 javascript, (tags: wordpress plugins) Slickr Gallery (AJAX Flickr plugin for WordPress) Slickr Gallery is a bandwidth-friendly AJAX photo gallery plugin for WordPress. It allows you to pull your Flickr-hosted photos into a gallery section of your blog […]

Google quick takes

Here are a few quickies about Google that happened while I was out of town: BBC and Google Video are in deep discussions to work together. Under this agreement, Google will make some of BBC’s content available through Google Video and possibly, Google’s You Tube. Link Google is in talks to acquire in-game advertising firm […]

Adding NonWidgets to a Widget Sidebar

Many bloggers that use WordPress have found the power of widgets. The sidebar widget plugin allows you to add many other plugins to your sidebar just by dragging them to where you want and changing the options, no changing code involved. But not all plugins have been converted to widgets yet. Some will work if […]