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The WordPress -more- Command

In wordpress when you have created a long post, you don’t want the entire post on your front page, so by clicking the more button it is cut at that point and the reader has to go to the permalink page to read the entire article. Most everyone starting with WordPress knows that, but did […]

Block IP Plugin & Post Views Plugin

Lately, I’ve been having a few people comment on my blogs that would say terrible things, They weren’t commenting on the post and it wasn’t spam, they are just being asses. Not any more, Yesterday I came across a page of wonderful plugins. GaMerz plugin page has a couple plugins I’ve been wanting and I’m […]

WordPress 2.1.1 and Your Code Changes

Many know the new version is out, but most haven’t updated yet. I haven’t seen any problems yet with plugins, widgets or changes in code that I’ve done. But this is probably a good time to think about what changes you’ve done to your site. Luckily, most the changes, including code changes, we’ve made are […]

WordPress 2.1 More Command and Full Text Feeds

Soon after WordPress 2.1 came out, many started noticing that if they used the in their post, that it also breaks the RSS Feed into parts and the reader has to visit the owners page to read the rest. While most would like this, I still believe in sending the entire post over RSS. If […]

Adding Another Line of Photos Using Flickr Widget

I talked about the Ben’s Flickr Widget in Widget Quickies, last week. While completely redoing my wife and my personal website, I needed to use the Flickr Widget. The problem I came across was I wanted two lines of pics. The widget allows for you to have one line of pics either vertical or horizontal […]

Control the Number of Related Post Shown with UTW

I’m sure this is documented with Ultimate Tag Warrior, since the plugin does have great docs, but who reads those 😉 I noticed today that a couple of my post had 8 or more related post listed below them. I needed to cut that down to 4 so it was time to dive into the […]

Almost the BookMark Bar I Needed

Adding Advertisers to Your RSS Feed

I’ve been wanting to add a one line advertisement to the bottom of my RSS feed for some time now. There are some companies that will do this for you like feedburner and Text Link Ads but I don’t have the numbers yet that they want, so I’ve been looking for a plugin that does […]

Adding MyBlogLog Avatars Next to Comments

Adding MyBlogLog Avatars Next to Comments and making it look good Some may have noticed I added the plugin MyBlogLog Avatars, This plugin adds the commenter’s avatar from MyBlogLog to their comment. Problem is that you have to add a small piece of code to your comments area. The code looks like this: Not that […]

Add Related Posts to Your Feed – Plugin

The latest plugin that I’ve installed is ST_AddRelated2Feed, this plugin allows you, like the name says, to add a list of related post to your RSS feed. You must have Ultimate Tag Warrior installed and activated, but this will allow those reading your RSS feed to get links to other post on your blog. Great […]