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How To Install WordPress Using Fantastico

Today I thought I’d try something new. I created a screencast of how to install WordPress using Fantastico. The reason I picked this topic is because many web host have Fantastico, it’s very straight forward and this is my first ever screencast. This being my first time even using the software, I promise that these […]

Changing the Number of Post on Different Pages

I ran into a bit of a mind game yesterday while working on another site. In WordPress options, under reading, you can set how many post per page you’d like to see. The site I was working on I wanted only one post on the front page. So I change the option to 1 and […]

AMD & Microsoft Tech Tour

The AMD & Microsoft Tech Tour is coming to Atlanta and I’m going, should be a completely nerdy time 😉 Is it coming to your city? here is a screen shot of the upcoming cities

Your Template and Google, Do They Work Well Together?

Today on SEO & Marketing Review I talked about how the search engines see your site and how to test it. So I decided to test it on tek-works and I wasn’t happy with the results. If you read the post, you’ll see my personal opinion is that when Google looks at your post that […]

Comment Timeout, WordPress Plugin

One of the things i’ve been working on lately is how to cut down on the spam comments that I get on my blogs. Most everyone uses Akismet, and if you’re not, activate it, now! But there are still a few spam comments that get through. I’ve looked into some of the other plugins that […]

March 24th, Computer Shutdown Day

Can you do it? Can you live without your computer for 24 hours? It is obvious that people would find life extremely difficult without computers, maybe even impossible. If they disappeared for just one day, would we be able to cope? Be a part of one of the biggest global experiments ever to take place […]

MyBlogLog, Is Anyone Still Using It?

Talk about a company happy they sold! MyBlogLog was the fad that lasted 2 months, in that time Yahoo bought them and then people started finding the security holes, the privacy issues (everyone knows where you’ve been) and the hacks (make yourself look like another user). While MBL was a fun toy and a great […]

Flash Blog

Flog Maker is a plugin that creates a entire flash blog on your site, it pulls in all the existing data from your blog and ports it to the new blog. It’s still in beta and nneds a few more tweaks, including engish 😉 I’ve added it for a short time so visitors can check […]

ScreenCast How To’s

I’m working on a few WordPress How to’s, These will be mini videos showing my screen as I do each task. I’m going to do easy tutorials from installing a plugin to harder one, like installing your own WordPress. My question to you is, what whould you like to see? is there something you’ve been […] Finally has Plugin Page

If you’re like me and love your plugins, you either search all over for them or head to and search for them. Well finally has got on the ball and added a plugins page to their site, instead of just linking to others. WordPress Plugins Page has listed the most popular, newest and […]