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DreamHost is a Disappointment

DreamHost is a Disappointment, yes I finally said it. I guess I should explain, their super cheap plan is a disappointment. At 8.00 a month or 96.00 a year, I pay that same amount for the hosting that tek-works is on, true I don’t get close to as much space but who really uses all […]

What’s Being Said Abouot You Online?

To protect your online reputation, you need to know what’s being said about yourself, your company and your websites. The easiest way to do this is to use Google Alerts. With Google Alerts, it’s as easy as putting in your “search term”, like your name, your company or website, then add your email address and […]

Companies Paying to Get Through Spam Filter

That title should make your ears (or eyes) pop up, it did mine, but this doesn’t look to be something bad. One company (which should be watched, I think) but one company is teaming up with most of the large ISP’s including AOL, Comcast, Cox and others. They will be charging 1/4 of a penny […]

Over 1000 Unique Visitors a Day

Be careful what you wish for, remember hearing that growing up, well, it’s true. Two months ago, I took a small trip back home to Peoria, Illinois to visit friends and family. While there I was talking to my best friend Scott of Scott’s Blog Experience about one of our local bar hangouts and how […]

Fighting Spam

For those that use WordPress a must to fight spam on their blog is to enable the Akismet plugin. But all Akismet does is hold all the spam and allow you to delete it, it doesn’t help you fight spam. A new plugin that has been released now will help you fight it, by finding […]

Working on the Site

I’m been away for a month, Why? well I’m in the process of buying a house, creating 4 websites and I’m reworking tek-works. While getting my bearings in Atlanta I’ve slowly started getting jobs doing websites. I’ve been coding HTML for years but only for my own sites and have always seen it as a […]