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Fixing TurboTax BootStrapper Setup Failed

Image via Wikipedia Update: See user comments below for the Turbo Tax 2010 fix Update #2: If you still need the .Net Clean up tool, the Link has moved to here. Last night some friends called and told me they were having problems installing Intuit’s TurboTax, every time they tried to install it Turbo Tax […]

The things Spammers ruin

Image by Getty Images via Daylife On another one of my sites, celebrating the coming soon of my first son, I wanted to add a twitter update on the side bar, not unlike the one I use here on, but since it’s mostly family and they’d have no idea how to use Twitter. I […]

Pink Magazine just went Cheap

Yes, the title and image are strange for a tech blog but hold on a bit… Here’s the back story.. My wife receives Pink Magazine every month, I’ve never read it but I have carried it from the mail box into the house, month after month. Yesterday, I open the mailbox and see the Pink […]

Thank you Google Maps

The above photo of my driveway was brought to you by Google Maps, who I guess likes to take street view images of your house on garbage pickup day.. But I guess this is also a good image to say it’s time to take all the trash out and restart blogging again on Tek-Works. As […]