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Why is Your Site Slow?

Image via CrunchBase My wife and I have had a blog site for awhile but just recently we’ve started actually blogging on it. So quickly one night I added a new theme, updated the old version of wordpress that was on the site and added a few plugins for lightbox images and flickr images. Tested […]

I blog with a little help from my Zemanta

Image via CrunchBase This week I started using Zemanta, a firefox plugin that boast: Simple point & click enrichment of your blog posts (and emails). In real-time, while you type. We suggest tags, links, photos, and related articles. You save time and aspirin At first glance, my thoughts were that this was just another way […]

Bringing Traffic to Your Site

I have friends that ask me how I end up with hundreds of hits even when my site hasn’t been updated in months (Which I’m changing lately!) They think that someone needs to buy traffic through Google or have some secret, the truth is, you can find traffic, it takes your time but doesn’t cost […]

You can Almost get rid of Cable

Image via CrunchBase For a couple months now I’ve been testing new software called Boxee. Boxee allows me to watch many of the online video sites on my television. As of now there are different versions for different OS’s, some allow Netflix while orhers have ABC, still lacking behind is the Apple TV setup, but […]

Sharing Your Bookmarks / Favorites

Image via CrunchBase First off, if you’re not using firefox for internet browsing, get your butt over to and download it. Firefox allows you to have addons or plugins that help you with daily task, One of my favorite is Diigo. Diigo allows me to share bookmarks with others or just myself. While I […]