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IIS and redirecting a page with a Query String

Microsoft has added to the redirect function in IIS to allow for Query Strings. Example: In the Redirect to box, enter the domain you wish to move to (no trailing slash), plus $S$Q – for example,$S$Q What does this $S$Q do? These are tags that IIS will automatically replace – $S will be replaced […]

What if SQL DataSource returns null or nothing

I had a SQLDataSource and wanted to show a message that nothing matches the search if the source didn’t return any rows of data. here’s how.. add to the sqldatasource and then in the code behind. Technorati Tags: code, Tech, VB.NET

Adding List All to a Drop Down List

I had a dropdownlist that listed all the states, when a state was chosen the SQLDataSource would return the data that matched the states column like this: Problem was when I added a -List All- choice to the dropdownlist, where I wanted to list all the data about all states. This was easily done with […]