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links for 2010-07-29

Jailbreak Matrix Matches Your iOS Device to the Right Jailbreak Tool (tags: jailbreak matches matrix iphone) Float Side Table Is Magnetizing…Literally! – Hometone (tags: freeside project) Timeframe Hangs Vertically On The Wall To Display Time – Hometone (tags: timeframe freeside clock project)

links for 2010-07-28

MOO | Custom Business Cards, MiniCards and Postcards | USA (tags: cards businesscards minicards printing Business custom moo photography) Show Off Your Geeky Fervor With Space Invader Couch – Hometone (tags: freeside project space invaders)

links for 2010-07-27

Browize | Online Browser Resizer (tags: browser online check size)

links for 2010-07-26

Teleogistic / Import From Ning now imports Ning content into BuddyPress (tags: import wordpress ning) DropFolders Watches Folders and Converts Media with HandBrake (tags: watches dropfolders folders media) Kyoto 4 Tops (tags: table freeside projects)

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-25

Some great talks this year @Defcon it's gonna be fun # Technorati Tags: twitter

links for 2010-07-23

Diesel Sweeties Store: Music (tags: store shirts tshirts)

links for 2010-07-22

Design Fetish: Cut Out Clock (tags: design freeside projects) Volpin Props (tags: volpin props atlanta dragoncon)

links for 2010-07-21

Diff Checker diffChecker is a free online diff tool that quickly and easily gives you the text differences between two files (tags: checker differences files diff)

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The Undermine Journal (tags: wow auction house)

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-18

Is there an app that I can input an image and it output the design to build it with lego? really i want that # Technorati Tags: twitter