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Goodsie (tags: ecommerce tools web2.0 shopping goodsie store shirts) SQL SERVER – Shrinking Truncate Log File – Log Full « Journey to SQL Authority with Pinal Dave USE DatabaseName GO DBCC SHRINKFILE(<TransactionLogName>, 1) BACKUP LOG <DatabaseName> WITH TRUNCATE_ONLY DBCC SHRINKFILE(<TransactionLogName>, 1) GO (tags: server sql shrink log file)

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Executing a SQL query and SqlDataReader – Using ADO.NET with SQL Server – developer Fusion Dim sqlComm As New SqlCommand("SELECT userid,username FROM users ORDER BY username", sqlConn) Dim r As SqlDataReader = sqlComm.ExecuteReader() While r.Read()     Dim username As String = CStr(r("username"))     Dim userID As Integer = CInt(r("userid"))     Debug.WriteLine((username "(" […]

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How to check if a url is valid from a windows application – CodeGuru Forums (tags: check URL)

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Video Converters – CGA/EGA/YUV to VGA Arcade HD-Converter PCB (GBS-8220) – JAMMABOARDS.COM – JAMMA Coin-Op Arcade Game Parts – CGA/EGA/YUV to VGA Arcade Converter PCB (GBS-8220) (tags: arcade monitor video cga converters) TwistedMods (tags: arcade monitor discharge)

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Design Fetish: Write A Bike (tags: freeside projects)

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Your Dashboard – GitHub (tags: git github OpenSource repository versioncontrol versioning hosting svn)

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[RESOLVED] Subtract 1 day from a date – VBForums How do i subtract 1 day from a date? Dim d As Date = Date.Todayd = d.AddDays(-1)  (tags: subtract 1day day from date Calling other external applications within .Net application Sub Main() Dim pi As New System.Diagnostics.ProcessStartInfo() pi.FileName = "winword.exe" pi.Arguments = "c:\first.doc" pi.WorkingDirectory = […]