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276 Free Floral Patterns for Photoshop and Illustrator | Concept Dezain (tags: free photoshop eggbot designs)

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Tapin Radio (tags: radio tapin record) How to make iPhone Apps – Part 1: Xcode suite and Objective-C (tags: how to apps iphone make)

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Speed Up Your Website By Optimizing Images (tags: speed images optimize website)

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VidCoder (tags: software vidcoder ripping DVD BLUERay)

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Foster Care Support > Home

links for 2010-11-12 (tags: sideshow sideshowtoy pdf deliver)

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An Illustrated Guide to Git on Windows (tags: git windows guide tutorial programming versioncontrol howto tools)

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Origami Sleeve for iPad : Products By Incase (tags: ipad origami sleeve)

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GeckoFX Forum / GeckoFX Discussion (tags: geckofx firefox webbrowser) Firesheep countermeasure tool BlackSheep (tags: tool countermeasure firesheep)

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How to delete specific lines on notepad ? – Stack Overflow I think ^.*#region.*$ will work it has a regular expression feature for replacing. You can use a regex that matches #region as well as whatever else is on the line, and replace it with empty space (tags: notepad replace line)