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Magical Sapor – Spice and Seasonings Holders by Arthur Xin (Se Xin) ยป Yanko Design (tags: freeside projects) Learn to Code Part IV: Understanding Functions and Making a Guessing Game (tags: code learn)

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Learn to Code Part III: Arrays and Logic Statements (tags: programming code learning learn coding javascript) PirateBox DIY – David Darts Wiki (tags: piratebox diy carolinacon) PLEXIGLASS sheet, Acrylic, UHMW, Lexan polycarbonate, Fiberglass sheets, Plastic Sheet & Plexiglass Fabrication, Weld-On Plexiglas Glue, PTFE (tags: carolinacon badges Plastic acrylic) – Laser Fabricated LED Necklace – […]

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Learn to Code Part II: Working With Variables (tags: code learn programming learning to)

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Learn How to Code Part I: Variables and Basic Data Types Our first lesson is going to be very simple and consist of learning about basic variables and data types. For the lessons in this series, we're going to use JavaScript as a model because it's a syntax that's pretty easy to understand and it's […]

SQL Case Sensitive Select Query

Today I ran into a problem where I needed to search for the term “PROfile” in my SQL database. the problem was, my queries kept also showing “profile” without the caps. From reading many sites, I guess that depending on how your SQL server was setup, you’ll either have case sensitive or insensitive searches. to […]

Replace Data in SQL

update tablename set columnName = REPLACE(ColumnName, ‘OriginalData’, ‘NewData’) This is mostly for myself but always good info. This will replace all the originaldata with the NewData for every row in the table. Update: I’ve noticed that in SQL2000 this will not work if the column is ntext, so a work around is: (if your data […]