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Can’t use TextBoxWatermarkExtender on Password Textbox in ASP.NET

On my new site I wanted to have the “fancy” text in the textbox that would clear once someone clicks in the box to start typing. In ASP.NET there’s a nice AJAX extender called TextBoxWatermarkExtender that allows for this to happen, except if you set your textbox to type “password”, what ever work you add […]

System.Web.Mail The classes in this namespace have been deprecated

Switching from system.web.mail to System.Net.Mail is pretty easy and straight forward, the syntax is a little different and instead of having the server declared in the class you declare it in the web.config. Old System.Web.Mail version New Version Add the server to the web.config source

Creating an Unordered List for a MultiLevel Menu in Code Behind

As mentioned in New Series: Completely Redoing the Company Website, I’m creating our members website from scratch. One of the items on my to do list is the menu, since I’ll be using master pages, the menu will be placed on every page and will be a big part of the website. Since our website […]

New Series: Completely Redoing the Company Website

One of my many jobs at work and the one that I was hired for, is developing the company website. Usually I’m creating new web applications that pull info or add info to the SQL server, make it fit and set the look for our current website and then test it. This is all done […]