Adding a Web Reference in Visual Studio 2008

I’ve been doing most of my current projects in Visual Studio 2008, but when I was doing CVent API development I was using Visual Studio 2005. Today I needed to add the web reference for CVent’s API to a windows application I was creating.

First thing I noticed was the Add Web Reference option when I’d right click the project was missing. After a small amount of searching I was able to find the Add Web Reference option but it’s a bit hidden. Like in VS2005 right click the project but instead of Add Web Reference choose Add Service Reference

At the bottom of the Add Service Reference window, click the Advanced button

At the bottom of the Advanced window is the Add Web Reference button we’ve been looking for.

From here you’ll be able to add the Web Reference for your project. Here I’ve added CVents API, which is https:// so I had to click “allow the page” multiple times and also tell VS2008 not to block the page, thanks IE..

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