ADT Home Security Lives in the Late 90’s

My wife and I are due to have our first born in April and while getting the house all ready for the new born, I figured i’d look into home security systems. Because of great advertising ADT is probably the first place you think of when looking for a after your house is built security system. Checking out their website I ran into a few problems..

Since this is an after the house was built security system, it will work on a wireless signal, Or your going to pay thousands to have your complete house wired. Without doing deep digging I’m sure the system runs on either 2.4gh, 5.8 or 900mh. My problem with that is that I already have a 2.4gh wireless system in the house and I’m getting ready to add baby monitors that also run on 2.4gh, yes 2.4gh has different channels but I’ve seen them easily bleed over to the other channels, I also have a 5 foot antenna that I do testing with that i’m sure would totally disrupt anything on 2.4gh. If the system is 900mh, what about the cellular amp antenna I have on top of my house, what’s hat gonna do to it? But my biggest problem with wireless is that I can build a unit that will disrupt and disconnect any wireless within a range while I have that unit on, so this would either stop the signal from going off or it would set off the alarm (i’m guessing it would stop it), I don’t see this as that secure..

But the reason I say they are living in the late 90’s is because to have ADT they want you to either have a telephone line or a digital phone line through VoIP. Have you looked at the numbers, More Americans snipping landlines in favor of cell phones, daily, people are dropping their phone lines for cell phones, yes the older crowds still have phone lines, they can sell to them. To summarize, almost one in six households (15.8 percent) are wireless-only, this is from last year.
They need to get with multiple cell carriers, for 5.00 a month extra, you get a SIM card for the ADT unit that either can only call ADT or it’s a copy of your cell phones and it’s just added to your phone bill. Adding a land line or digital line is 25 more a month and when you never use it, it’s a waste. But again I can build a device that will jam all cellular signals in a range so i guess it doesn’t matter.. (yeh but phone lines can be cut, but I bet they have someone check on the house if one house in the neighborhood looses it’s phone line.

I figure if I want a security system I’m going to have to wire it up myself, connect it through a PC to call me if I’m not home or some junk like that… nevermind, just come in my house and take my stuff, most electronics are out of date a year later anyway, this will give me a chance to get new sh*t!

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