Almost the BookMark Bar I Needed

BP BookMarks

BP-Blog has come out with BP-BookMarks. Not only does this add the social bookmarks to each post but it also adds 2 widgets to add social bookmarks links and feed links to your sidebar.
I’ve been looking for an easy to install bookmark bar for the bottom of my post and it looked like this was the perfect one for me. Well almost, I know the developer is working on it more and this is only 1.0, so don’t think I’m trash talking about it because I’m not. The one thing that this plugin needs to change is the digg button. Not the looks but the link its self. If you look at the link created by the large digg button on this story, it grabs the permalink, title and some of post to auto start your digg submittal (if you’re logged in). yes I’m being picky..
This is easy to install and the developer has already said they were going to add other popular bookmarking and feed syndication services. I’m sure this will be one of the plugins I add in the near future. I like how easy it was to install (no adding code to WordPress) and it’s layout is simple and uncluttered.
Check it out for yourself

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