Another Spam Plugin Needed

Almost 50% of the spam comments that I get on my blogs point to Even though most, if not all is caught by Akismet, I would like a plugin that goes through Akismet and checks for a link to blogspot, even the ones through the miniurls. After finding the blogspot blogs, it will auto flag the blogspot as objectionable content and then move to the next. This may not stop them sending spam to your blog but it would help blogspot kill all the spam blogs and that would cut out a huge place for spamming.

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  1. Scott J 4 March 2007 at 11:37 pm #

    Good post. I’m pretty happy with Akismet as a spam filter. But you are right, spammers are smart and quick to find away in. Lately, I have had a ton of spam for from real blog sites faking it. (Yea, that’s a contridiction)

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