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.NET Bind/update not always working or Update Panel hides errors

While at first, the titles may not seem related to each other but they are. I fought this for a couple days. I have multiple listboxes, If you click an item in one, it changes the items in the second. 9 out of 10 times this would work but there were a few instances where […]

Indent Items in a Web Forms ListBox or Adding   to ListBox

Today I needed to create a listbox that had 3 levels of indent, with dynamic data. I didn’t want 3 columns but something like this: This is level1 with no indent This is level2 with indent This is level 3 with indent Using Listbox, if you add spaces they will just smash together because of […]

User.Identity.IsAuthenticated always False

After many hours and trying every example on the web, I finally found out why User.Identity.IsAuthenticated was always False. This was in the web.config: Remove the “remove name” line and User.Identity.IsAuthenticated will finally be True  

.net DropDownList (DDL) Not showing correct or showing first item everytime

Just a note about something I came across yesterday. I had a DDL that the selecteditem would be incorrect and many times no matter what I chose, the first item would show. After many hours of trying to figure out what was happening, I cam across this for the SelectedValue Property This property returns the […]

Adding Multiple CollapsiblePanelExtender dynamically (in code behind)

Using Multiple CollapsiblePanelExtender’s My task today was to create something that looked like an Accordion control but you could open multiple accordions (sections) at one time. While many online claim this is doable with the Accordion control, I couldn’t get it to work from the code behind so I decided to go with creating multiple Collapsible Panels. There’s […]

Adding Styles to Subgurim’s Google Maps Control (Code Behind)

The current version of Subgurim’s Google Maps Control has the ability to add styles to your Google Maps, but I wanted to go deeper and create a map style like seen at Snazzy Maps. There were a few hints on the Subgurim Forums but nothing with a complete answer. The map style I liked was Subtle Grayscale […]

.Net Convert Your Site From PlainText Passwords to Salted Hashes

Why Change your passwords to Salted Hashes I’ve had a site that for a long time has been on my TODO list to convert the site from using plaintext passwords to using passwords that are hashed and salted. No matter what the excuse, the truth is, it’s not really just your data that you’re protecting […]

Can’t use TextBoxWatermarkExtender on Password Textbox in ASP.NET

On my new site I wanted to have the “fancy” text in the textbox that would clear once someone clicks in the box to start typing. In ASP.NET there’s a nice AJAX extender called TextBoxWatermarkExtender that allows for this to happen, except if you set your textbox to type “password”, what ever work you add […]

System.Web.Mail The classes in this namespace have been deprecated

Switching from system.web.mail to System.Net.Mail is pretty easy and straight forward, the syntax is a little different and instead of having the server declared in the class you declare it in the web.config. Old System.Web.Mail version New Version Add the server to the web.config source

Creating an Unordered List for a MultiLevel Menu in Code Behind

As mentioned in New Series: Completely Redoing the Company Website, I’m creating our members website from scratch. One of the items on my to do list is the menu, since I’ll be using master pages, the menu will be placed on every page and will be a big part of the website. Since our website […]