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New Series: Completely Redoing the Company Website

One of my many jobs at work and the one that I was hired for, is developing the company website. Usually I’m creating new web applications that pull info or add info to the SQL server, make it fit and set the look for our current website and then test it. This is all done […]

Adding Javascript to Cvent Event Pages

Today our registration team were trying to add a jquery slider at the top of a cvent event summary page. Every time we’d add the script tags to the html editor, we’d save it and the script tags would be stripped out. After hours of testing we called Cvent support team and here is your […]

Cvent API: Event Fields and Their Format

When working with Events in the API, many of the fields are searchable but when searching you don’t always know what the format of that field is. Here is an example to help those that are just getting into searching through the event objects. Not shown but remember when searching through an Event Custom Field, […]

Cvent API: Compare Groups with your SQL Database

It’s been a couple years since I created the program to add and delete people from cvent standard groups as they’re added or deleted from our SQL database. Over time some of the groups have gotten out of sync because there will always be times with network outages, cvent is down or the nightly script […]

Umbraco MSSQL Settings

Starting from nothing, I’ve never seen Umbraco or messed with it, so I figured the best way to learn is to install it. I installed Umbraco v6.1.6, the latest stable version. My first install was through Microsofts Web Platform installer but 2 days after my install there was an update and I figured if I was going […]

Learning Umbraco

Work has decided that with taking care of our network, SQL Server, Webserver, doing all the development and admining all of this, that I don’t have enough under my belt. So I will be begining a deep dive into Umbraco. Umbraco is a CMS written in .net and runs on windows servers. As I slowly learn Umbraco, I’ll […]

Fixing: There is already an object named ‘sysnsobjs’ in the database

(I am not a DBA, I play one at work because I’ve been thrown into the position since I do all the .net programming, why shouldn’t I take care of the SQL server and web server also.. So this is what worked for me and probably are no where close to best practices) My task: […]

Cvent API: Multiple Searches

Narrowing Down a Search with Cvent API In the past all of my searches in Cvent have been one search to find what I needed but today I ran into a problem. While doing a search for all users that have taken one of our surveys, the search returned 505 people. The next line does […] variable name within a variable

 Otherwise know as “variable string to variable” or “How to blow you mind thinking about variables” Here’s the setup: 3 Variables Through a series of  Select Case statements I end up with another variable (FullColumnName) that equals the name of one of the above: The question is, now that I know which variable I want to change […]

Adding a Web Reference in Visual Studio 2008

I’ve been doing most of my current projects in Visual Studio 2008, but when I was doing CVent API development I was using Visual Studio 2005. Today I needed to add the web reference for CVent’s API to a windows application I was creating. First thing I noticed was the Add Web Reference option when […]