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Validating or Validation of a CheckBoxList

On my web form I came across an instance that I needed a user to either check a box from a checkboxlist or leave a comment, this then would be emailed to someone. So I needed to validate that a checkbox had been checked or at least a comment was added. On my button I […] RSS Feed Reader or Reading XML into Dataset

Todays task was to build an RSS reader for a template site. This template site would allow for any of our firms to put in their company info along with their RSS Feed and the website that is created will format all the info and also show their RSS Feed in a nice format. My […]

Installing Visual Studio 2005 on Windows 7

Today I received a new computer at work, while that’s great news, the bad news is I now need to move everything from 4 years at this company to the new PC (including things that were on the PC before I started). We have some legacy programs that still are using Visual Studio 2005 (yeah […]

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Finding Network MAC Addresses with Advanced IP Scanner 2.0

Tek-Works was asked awhile back to review Advanced IP Scanner 2.0, not wanting to just review something with out actually needing it, would be useless for our readers, so I put it off till today. Today at work, my task was to add a wireless router to our network and to make it as secure […]

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Light up your door handles with the 'Glow Stripe' (tags: freeside projects)

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Marvelous iPhone clock dock concept unveiled (tags: iPhone clock dock freeside projects) Winterboard iPad themes – MacRumors Forums (tags: iPad themes forums)

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The Roller Clock is a lamp too (tags: freeside projects)

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Learn Python The Hard Way, 2nd Edition — Learn Python The Hard Way, 2nd Edition (tags: python programming tutorial book reference books)

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DoNanza – Work From Home Freelance Jobs Search (tags: freelance job freelancing development Search career work software jobs) – Blackhat SEO Forums – Whitehat SEO Tools & SEO Bot Software (tags: blackhat seo forums seo_tools tools bot software) SharePro Twitter Bot v3.0 – 1,000 Unique Visitors in 10 Minutes – Live Demo (tags: […]