Be an expert Google Searcher

Over at They’ve published a list of tips to optimize and streamline your Google searches.

Everyone know about using quotes, + and – but some of the best and less known are:

This is the so called wildcard. The asterisk represents a missing word, use it to let Google fill in any potential word.
Example: “the * lights up the moon”

To search for all synonyms of a word, put a tilde directly infront of it.
Example: ~sun
This search will bring back results containing the terms sun, solaris, solar, and a couple less obvious ones.

The double dot put directly between two numbers denotes a range to narrow the results down.
Example: “solar eclipse 1990..2005?
Note that there are no spaces between the numbers or the dots.

This one will find pages that link to a given URL.

The smart way to search for definitions across the web.
Example: define:Googol

+ _ – _ * _ /
For simple equations use the symbols for plus, minus, multiply, and divert respectively. Use (brackets) to define which calculations shall be done first, else the simple rule multiplication and division before addition and subtraction applies.
Example: (10 + 4) /2 *7 = 49 OR 10 + 4 /2 *7 = 24

% of
Example: 51% of 900 = 459

^ OR **
These operators will raise a number to the power of another.
Example: 5^3 will raise 5 to the 3rd power.

Example: 100 Euro in USD

weight, length, volume, etc.
Example: 100kg in lb

Example: time sydney

Example: weather berlin

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