Block IP Plugin & Post Views Plugin

Lately, I’ve been having a few people comment on my blogs that would say terrible things, They weren’t commenting on the post and it wasn’t spam, they are just being asses. Not any more, Yesterday I came across a page of wonderful plugins. GaMerz plugin page has a couple plugins I’ve been wanting and I’m sure some that you’ve been looking for also.

The first one I downlaoded was WP-Ban, which will allow me to ban any IP that I want, If I wanted I could start to go through my spam list and add their IP’s but since my spam blocker stops most of them, no need for the extra work. But for those that are just adding obscene comments, I can now easily ban them.
The next was WP-PageViews, This plugin you actaully have to add a small spot of code to your theme, but it’s worth it, I will now be able to see the count of each story and have an idea of what my readers like and dislike. I’m testing it right now on my other blog about the Atlanta area and it seems to be working correctly, I’ll run it a couple more days to make sure.
There are about 10 different WordPress Plugins on GaMerz page, make sure to chek it out.

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