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I have friends that ask me how I end up with hundreds of hits even when my site hasn’t been updated in months (Which I’m changing lately!) They think that someone needs to buy traffic through Google or have some secret, the truth is, you can find traffic, it takes your time but doesn’t cost a dime.

Find your audience

With most blogs you write about certain things, your site may be about a special sport, cakes or what ever, you have your niche. (This step doesn’t work on sites like mine since it’s topics are so broad, which also doesn’t translate into great traffic, but that’s for a different post). Once you know your niche, join a couple groups and websites that discuss your niche or have a forums. This is probably where I should add, DO NOT spam these boards, if you write a blog about something it better be something you love, so it should be easy for you to join in real conversations with people on a forum and if allowed add your site link to your signature.

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Another way of finding your audience is use twitter, using a site that does Twitter Alerts like you can watch the twitterverce for words like cupcakes or Mustangs, once you get an alert that someone used that term, follow their twitter. They will probably talk about the term again, in which you can chime in, or at the least they’ll visit your twitter page to see who you are, there they’ll see your link to your site about CupCakes and either follow your twitter or visit your site, maybe both.

Research your post

Some may call it long tail, I just call it doing what other aren’t. Before you even write your post, you usually have an idea of what it’s going to be about, so do a couple searches on your topic. If you find that there are millions of hits for your topic, change it a little.. If you want to write a story about making cupcakes, you’ll see by doing a search there are tons of those post, but if your story is about creating giant birthday cherry cupcakes, you may not only get hits for cupcakes but also birthday cupcakes and giant cupcakes. (don’t ask why i’m on the cupcake kick tonight) Adding that extra little detail never hurts. Searching will also give you an idea if your post is something that is popular now or not, will tell you what the hot searches for the day are, this is also a good place to look if you have writers block, you can search through the popular searches and find something in your niche.

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