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cafepress wordpress plugin

For those that don’t know, Cafe Press is a site that allows you to add your logo to shirt, coffee mugs and all sorts of things. You can then sell them for cost or make your own price (above cost). PrestoGifto has created a Cafe Press WordPress plugin that will allow you to add images from your store (or others) to your side bar. It links in with the cafe press affiliate program, so you get a small amount when it is clicked, PrestoGifto gets the small amount from every 5th click (not bad).
This plugin looks great and I would probably use it on at least a couple of my blogs but for right now, the plugin doesn’t work with WordPress 2.1, hopefully they will fix this in the future. You don’t often see a plugin that has such a good layout and easy to use admin options.

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  1. Scott Janz 9 March 2007 at 12:12 pm #

    I saw this and actually was going to sign up on Cafe Press. Thanks for the Plugin info.

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