Changing Post to Show Tags but Not Categories

I’ve talked about how to hide the author of a post or hide the categories, but what if you want to add your tags to your post?

Using UTW to add tags is the easiest, this will allow you to not just add tags but also link up with Technorati the easiest. With Ultimate Tag Warrior you can have it list your tags before or after your post, but what I like to do is set them to invisible technorati list because when you add a shown list at the bottom of your post, it looks like it was added later and isn’t really part of the post. After setting the option to invisible technorati list, I then edit my template to add the tags straight to me post.

In the template I use on Tek-Works, It had at the end of the post “Read more articles on..” and then would list the categories that this post was listed under. Since I don’t use categories, lets change it to the tags.

On your main index template, single post and search results pages you’ll need to look for

Read more articles on <?php the_category(' and ') ?>

and change it to

Read more articles on <?php UTW_ShowTagsForCurrentPost("commalist") ?>

What we’ve done is tell WordPress to find and list the tags from UTW instead of the categories from WordPress.

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