Clean up your web pages created with Word.

First off, I need to say STOP creating web pages with MS Word!!! There are other programs out there that you can drag and drop to create a webpage, these tools create 100 times better code and code that is easy to look at and change if needed, giving you a better chance at actually learning some HTML. One of the free Web Authoring softwares is NVU.
Now if you have to use word, there is a way to make you file smaller, the code easier to read and hide that you’re a n00bie 😉 . Use Word HTML Cleaner, The service is free of charge for documents up to 20Kb in size. For larger files, subscriptions are available. I did a few test and while it is hard to have a page less than 20Kb, the subscription fees aren’t that bad.
While this does clean you your code, you may notice some small changes in your page, I’m guessing that this is because Word adds some of the “it only works correctly for IE” while when the code is cleaned up it’s set to web standards. So you may have to slightly edit your page a bit more, but this will give you that chance to learn something and like I said before, move from Word creation of webpages

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