CNN’s 100 Best Companies to Work for in 2007

Reading through the 100 best companies to work for I started to wonder how they came up with this list.

I’ve worked for one of the top 10 and know people that have worked for #1 and just like any company there are the ups and downs. Everyone has some problem with their company, no matter how good of a place it is. The place I worked at, i will agree was a great place to work, good people, great pay and just the feel at the place was nice. It was just my job I didn’t like, which isn’t what the list is about.
The list is the top places to work, so how to they find this out? Part of the process is surveying employees with a 57 question survey. Each company also is surveyed about demographic makeup, pay, and benefits programs, and open-ended questions about the company�s people-management philosophy, internal communications, opportunities, compensation practices, diversity programs, etc.
105,000 employee surveys sent out to 446 companies, the 446 companies are chosen out of the 1500 companies that make it through the company survey. But how are the 1500 companies chosen to start the entire process? They sign up for it, yes each company has to sign up each year to be part of the listing. From the site:

(Any company that is at least seven years old with more than 1,000 U.S. employees is eligible.) The deadline for applying for next year�s list is March 31, 2007; for an online nomination form, go to

So even if I’m the best company to work for, I need to remember each year to sign up for the top 100 list. This seems a bit odd to me. I understand that the ranking company couldn’t send surveys out to every company in the US or world but it seems there has to be a better way. Or maybe my problem is I haven’t learned to toot my own horn enough

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