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One of the things i’ve been working on lately is how to cut down on the spam comments that I get on my blogs. Most everyone uses Akismet, and if you’re not, activate it, now! But there are still a few spam comments that get through. I’ve looked into some of the other plugins that work with Akismet, and the problem is, i’ve just recently had a bad experience with these types of spam blockers. Some of them check you IP against known spammers IP’s, problem is, My IP was a know Spammers from 2002 and it’s still on the list. Yes, you can jump through hoops and get your name taken off the list but it’s a pain, so I didn’t want to go that route.
I started thinking about the spam comments, usually they are added to a post that is over a month old, this way the spammer is hoping that you won’t notice it or you won’t get your email about a new comment. James Mckay must have had this same thought, he released a wordpress plugin called Comment Timeout, in the plugin options you can choose to sut off comments that are a number of days old. So I’ve turned off all comments that are older than 14 days old. Along with many other options to work hand in hand with Akismet, I think that many of my spamed days are over.

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