Create Your Own Review Site

Have you ever wanted to create a review site, well with WordPress Review Site Plugin you can now (almost) easily do it. Dan Grossman has developed this plugin to turn your site into a review site. Each review is given by the commenter’s, they give it a 1 thru 10, anything 1-5 is counted as negative and 6-10 as positive.
The plugin is something many have been wanting but this plugin isn’t just a install and you’re done. The blogger will almost need create his own theme for it. I have a test site i’ve been playing with this plugin on (Will repost site link when it’s ready), as you can see it changes how your entire site looks by adding the code to show the reviews. If wanted you can add comments to the test site, just to play with the plugin or test it.
As you can see it’s very powerful but also takes alot of time to set up. It took me a few hours to get that site looking like that and I’m still not done.

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3 Comments to “Create Your Own Review Site”

  1. Scott J 2 March 2007 at 11:14 am #

    This looks pretty cool. Do you have to have a special theme in order for it to work?

  2. Richard Curry 2 March 2007 at 12:52 pm #

    yes, I had to take an existing theme and completely rework it

  3. […] why would you want to use 2 different themes. Here is one reason.. There is a plugin I can use for reviews, each commenter can vote and review a product. The problem with this plugin is it’s hard […]

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