Cvent API: Event Fields and Their Format

When working with Events in the API, many of the fields are searchable but when searching you don’t always know what the format of that field is. Here is an example to help those that are just getting into searching through the event objects.

FieldName,     Value,   Type

ArchiveDate #4/30/2014# Date
archiveDateField #4/30/2014# Date
archiveDateFieldSpecified True Boolean
ArchiveDateSpecified True Boolean
Capacity -1 Integer
capacityField -1 Integer
capacityFieldSpecified True Boolean
CapacitySpecified True Boolean
Category "Meeting" String
categoryField "Meeting" String
City "Las Vegas" String
cityField "Las Vegas" String
ClosedBy "" String
closedByField "" String
Country "USA" String
CountryCode "US" String
countryCodeField "US" String
countryField "USA" String
Currency "U.S. Dollar" String
currencyField "U.S. Dollar" String
EventCode "MYNB4V3XL" String
eventCodeField "MYNB4V3XL" String
EventDescription "" String
eventDescriptionField "" String
EventEndDate #1/26/2014 5:00:00 PM# Date
eventEndDateField #1/26/2014 5:00:00 PM# Date
eventEndDateFieldSpecified True Boolean
EventEndDateSpecified True Boolean
EventLaunchDate #11/1/2013 10:08:07 AM# Date
eventLaunchDateField #11/1/2013 10:08:07 AM# Date
eventLaunchDateFieldSpecified True Boolean
EventLaunchDateSpecified True Boolean
EventStartDate #1/26/2014 8:30:00 AM# Date
eventStartDateField #1/26/2014 8:30:00 AM# Date
eventStartDateFieldSpecified True Boolean
EventStartDateSpecified True Boolean
EventStatus "Active" String
eventStatusField "Active" String
EventTitle "Fly-In: National Standards" String
eventTitleField "Fly-In: National Standards" String
ExternalAuthentication False Boolean
externalAuthenticationField False Boolean
externalAuthenticationFieldSpecified True Boolean
ExternalAuthenticationSpecified True Boolean
Hidden False Boolean
hiddenField False Boolean
Id "45DA1D13-92B1-4871-80FF-3AD7DE724FEE" String
idField "45DA1D13-92B1-4871-80FF-3AD7DE724FEE" String
InternalNote "" String
internalNoteField "" String
LastModifiedDate #11/29/2013 12:14:18 PM# Date
lastModifiedDateField #11/29/2013 12:14:18 PM# Date
lastModifiedDateFieldSpecified True Boolean
LastModifiedDateSpecified True Boolean
Location "The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas" String
locationField "The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas" String
MeetingRequestId "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000" String
meetingRequestIdField "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000" String
MessageId Nothing String
messageIdField Nothing String
PhoneNumber "1-000-000-0000" String
phoneNumberField "1-000-000-0000" String
PlannerEmailAddress "" String
plannerEmailAddressField "" String
PlannerFirstName "Bill" String
plannerFirstNameField "Bill" String
PlannerLastName "Registrar" String
plannerLastNameField "Registrar" String
PlanningStatus "" String
planningStatusField "" String
PostalCode "89109" String
postalCodeField "89109" String
RSVPbyDate #1/20/2014 11:59:00 PM# Date
rSVPbyDateField #1/20/2014 11:59:00 PM# Date
rSVPbyDateFieldSpecified True Boolean
RSVPbyDateSpecified True Boolean
State "Nevada" String
StateCode "NV" String
stateCodeField "NV" String
stateField "Nevada" String
StreetAddress1 "3708 Las Vegas Boulevard South" String
streetAddress1Field "3708 Las Vegas Boulevard South" String
StreetAddress2 "" String
streetAddress2Field "" String
StreetAddress3 "" String
streetAddress3Field "" String
Timezone "Pacific Time" String
timezoneField "Pacific Time" String

Not shown but remember when searching through an Event Custom Field, the structure is

thesearch.Filter(0).Field = “CustomEventField:3AE90367-1300-4BDD-A2D4-81030987F581”
thesearch.Filter(0).Value = “Conference Call”

The API docs show CustomEventField<FieldID> but in cvent (website) if you look at your custom fields the “fieldID” is shown as

Field Stub: 3ae90367-1300-4Bdd-a2d4-81030987f581




2 Comments to “Cvent API: Event Fields and Their Format”

  1. Napkin41 10 April 2017 at 12:04 pm #

    Is there a way to search Cvent events by registered contact ids/registered users?

    For example, how can I ask Cvent to give me all events that a specific user has registered for?


  2. Richard Curry 16 May 2017 at 7:39 am #

    Napkin41, good question, I ran into this same thing. I’ll write a post on it, but to answer your question:

    On our website I added a page for the users “my account page” and on this page the user could change their password (for our website, not cvent), but they could also see all events they’ve attended (and will soon be able to view CPE hours).

    In short: I grab the users id by searching by their sourceid, I then do another search through Registration with the users ID.

    ids = _ws.Search(com.cvent.api.CvObjectType.[Registration], thesearch)

    Then using all the ids of the events, I loop through the ids and create a grid of the event info. This will also list any events that they are currently signed up for.

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