Mashable talks about the new widget that was released today. I use, not as much as I should, but probably will not use the widget. There are so many of these type of plugins/widgets to choose from, from feedburner to BlogPatrol to get stats for your blog, but a widget to see how many people have bookmarked your site on is a bit silly. I can see bloggers that have hundreds to thousands of readers maybe using it, but who wants to add it to their site and have it say saved by 4 other people? Maybe that would cause others to save it..?

Speaking of plugins, I’ve added a couple more tonight and will add them to my list tomorrow.. maybe from the airport (flying to Illinois for Christmas)

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  1. […] When I wrote about the widget last week, I wasn’t that impressed but this morning I did find something from that has impressed me. I’ve had their firefox addon since it came out, it would allow me to tag and bookmark a site and auto send it to, it worked great, even though I didn’t use it that often. This morning while reinstalling a desktop I wanted to get FireFox up and running so I added the same addons I have on my laptop but made a small mistake, I added the Bookmarks addon instead of just the normal addon. I’m having a few problems with the import (probably my fault, I wasn’t sure what was happening, since I thought this was the older addon) but what this addon does it import all your bookmarks to and then is used for your bookmarks, instead of the normal dropdown list. The plus side of this is I can now see all my tags and look for a bookmark with a tag and not try to remember what the bookmark looking at me is or has to deal with addon, bookmarks,, extention, Firefox […]

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