DreamHost is a Disappointment

DreamHost is a Disappointment, yes I finally said it. I guess I should explain, their super cheap plan is a disappointment. At 8.00 a month or 96.00 a year, I pay that same amount for the hosting that tek-works is on, true I don’t get close to as much space but who really uses all that 180 gig anyway?
The host I use for Tek-works has always helped me when needed and most the time bent over backwards to help. Their uptime is great and I hardly ever see slow page loads, but the sites I have at dreamhost.com are slow every hour of the day, even when you check site stats it says their server is under extreme strain.
So why is everyone rushing to dreamhost and why is everyone giving it a good word? Money! dreamhost will pay me 96.00 for every new account I get to sign up, yes they lose the first years pay, but how many people know how to move a domain or want to go through the trouble, so they make their money after the first year. So everyone and their brother is listening to top bloggers or friends that say sign up, more people on the servers and more people that want to make their 96.00.
I hate to do it and it’s a pain, but I will start moving my domains to another host soon, probably arteryplanet.net (where tek-works is now)

don’t believe me?

sites on arteryplanet..


sites on dreamworks


and you can’t argue it’s the webpage, I use the same wordpress on each and postnuke on one of them.

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