Google and the Power it takes

This week Google hit the #1 spot for the top 100 places to work. It sounds strange but one of the larger problems Google has is cooling their servers. I’ve met a couple people that have worked at Google. Many of their stories of the 10’s of thousands of servers, Power station upgrades and scooters to get across the multiple football field sized data centers, makes this quote even more believable.

Google produce so much excess heat in their day-to-day operations that it takes them the same amount of money to dissipate that heat as it would to give every last human being on the face of the planet 2 pieces of Bazooka brand bubble gum at its retail cost, annually. It could also be said that for a billion dollars you could build about 10 decently sized cities or, if you’re so inclined, buy all the Viagra in the world and still have enough money left over to buy 50,000 or so Russian brides ‎(And you thought free meals at the Googleplex were an effective employee incentive…).

Oren Goldschmidt also has a couple ideas on how google could fix the overheating problem. I do like the idea of moving to a cooler climate. With this thinking the huge data center here in Atlanta, GA doesn’t make sense. (but from other employees I’m told the reason they moved here was energy cost was a tad cheaper than other large cities and a tad times a billion adds up)

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