Moving Your Domain to Another Host

My friend Scott of, finally wants to get his domain off of yahoo’s servers. If you want to move your domain off of a host to a different one, these are the steps you need to do.

(this isn’t moving to another domain name, this is same domain name, different host company.)

Copy all parts of your site

Before doing anything with your domain name:

Let your visitors know that you are moving your site and that there will be no post for about 3 days. (this gives you time for the move to be made without changing your database.

After the above post, no other changes, post should be made.

Get a copy of your database, most will use phpmyadmin and export all tables.

Copy your entire site, this is a cover your butt encase you or someone else made changes to the core files.

After copying your site you can now inform your new host you’d like to transfer your domain. They will then contact your current host and you will start to get emails from both sides. These emails will want you to (sometimes) login and check to make sure it’s you changeing the domain and if you really want to do it.

This will take a few days to happen.

Moving Your Site
(there are different ways of doing this but I find this one of the easiest)

Install a new wordpress site on your domain (this is a clean, new one, on your old domain name)

Using PhpMyAdmin, go into the new database, and delete everything, all tables and everything. (checkmark all and then choose drop at the bottom of the screen)

With a blank database, import your copy of your old database in to the blank one. Now all your data is there. If you went to the site you’d see the default theme but with all your old post.

Now FTP to your site and copy your wp-content directory over the one on the server (this will copy your plugins and any images you may have in that directory. The reason we copied the entire site is if other changes were made, you have to copy to replace what’s on the server.

Now check your site.. Some of the things you may have to do:
rechoose your template
check images are there (if not copy your images directory over)
Make a new post, informing your visitors that you’re back and all comments and post will start again.

(this post doesn’t talk about anything you may have to do to get the domain moved, talk with your new host to make sure all things go smoothly

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