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With Christmas just days away, I was looking up product reviews on a couple gifts that I was thinking about getting family members. I came across ExpoTV, where users create their own reviews but they are all video. If someone watches your video, you are then rewarded with $.01. I watched a couple and thought even more than just a review i’d like to see a more in depth demo and on some products a demo of the setup instructions (I always loose mine and would watch one before reading it’s docs online).

For Music while surfing, Pandora has been my choice for the last couple weeks. What makes Pandora interesting is, as the user, you add a band that you like. Pandora’s software then finds songs that are like the group or song that you like. This is for people that like to find new music, if you only want to hear the songs you know, Pandora isn’t for you. But for those that will listen to new music, this is your type of radio station. The hardest part for me was thinking of the first bands to add.

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  1. Curbob 21 December 2006 at 12:53 am #

    I forgot to mention, Pandora does require you to login and the free service has ads placed in the music every once in a while

  2. […] A couple days ago I wrote about Pandora and how it could help you find different music. Well I’ve got another music site for you, Musicovery.Using their control panel, you can choose type of music, years of the music and even the mood of the music. What I really like about this site is it shows you all the music upfront, you can then skip along or just follow the path to the next song. Check it out, it may not use software to match your type of music but it sure lets you choose what you want. We’ll see if licensing stops some of this, like on Pandora, you can only skip so many songs an hour. music, musicovery, pandora, radio station […]

  3. Tim 22 December 2006 at 10:58 am #

    Expand your Pandora experience at:


    Tim (site admin)

  4. […] that I will be looking further into for my sites and readers my like. Pandora Widget: I’ve written about Pandora and now Jean-Paul has created a Pandora Widget for displaying your favorite songs (optionally with […]

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