My favorite Iphone Apps

I’ve been using iPhone Apps for a while, the day after I bought my first generation iPhone, I hacked it, so some of these apps will be for hacked iPhones and also some from the Apple App Store.

AOL Radio: I use this app everyday at work, since all the music is over your Edge or 3G connection, it doesn’t add traffic to the network at work, I’m just waiting for the month At&T decides to charge extra for using this, yes I have unlimited but the contract does say you are not allowed to stream music and last month I had used 500meg of data. I’m sure it’s only a matter time till I get a 500.00 bill, I will probably stop using this app at that time 😉

Categories: This App allows me to create folders on the iPhone and add my Apps to these folders. I now have everything on one screen instead of 4 screens. I have a folder for Misc, Audio/Video Net and Settings (including install programs)

Weather & RadarScope: While the Weather App comes with the iPhone, RadarScope is actually an App I paid for, this app allows me to see a radar image from where ever I am. Yes I could surf, get to the the radar but this app opens right to radars and is well worth the money.

Cycorder & Video Recorder: I use both, I haven’t had the time to figure out which I like most yet, but Cycorder is free and Video Recorder cost 20.00 I think. They are both for capturing video on the iphone and work fairly well

IntelliScreen: This app adds info to your front locked screen that usually only shows the time, you can add weather, new emails, rss feeds and alerts for SMS and phone calls, it’s still a little buggy but one of my favorite Apps so far.

TipStar: figure out your Tips and the total amount

These are the iPhone Applications that I use almost everyday, there are others I use sometimes like the wikipedia app and Instant messenger but the above are Apps that I would miss if they were taken from me.

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