My Top Task WordPress Plugins

My Top Task WordPress Plugins – Part 2 of 3

Last Friday I posted Part 1 of this series, My Top Visual WordPress Plugins in todays post I’m going to cover the top Task plugins. These are the plugins that I use behind the scenes that help me on a day to day basis to get the story out, know my audience and keep spam away.

If you missed the previous post, read My Top Visual WordPress Plugins – Part 1 of 3

– On this plugin hasn’t been used that often, but here on Tek-Works, Akismet has already in 1 month blocked over 1000 pieces of spam. Yes, Spam, every WordPress blog has this plugin auto installed, the user only needs to register and get an API key to use it. Akismet saves bloggers from over 4 million spam comments a day. If you haven’t enabled this plugin, do it today, you’ll thank me later.

Counterize II – This is a stats plugin, using this plugin the blogger can read IPs, timestamp, visited URl, referring URl and browser information in the database and displays total hits, unique hits and other statistics in WordPress webpages. Included in this package a blogger can see the words used in the search engines to find your site. With these stats and other info, you can target better key words, find where most your traffic is coming from and even find what bots are picking up your site.

FeedBurner Widget & FeedBurner Replacement – these are 2 different plugins but they work together. First, FeedBurner Replacement plugin will automatically take all the RSS feed links on your site and point them to Feedburner. No searching through code to find each feed icon or mention of a feed.
Before pointing your feeds to FeedBurner, you first have to set up Feedburner through their site. Then using the FeedBurner Widget you can add the small icons for RSS, Add to Google, Add to yahoo.. All these icons come installed with this widget, choose which you’d like to show, move it within the SideBar Widget and nothing more needs done.

Add QuickTags – When posting on your blog, how many times to you type the same things over and over? When adding images I always like to have them align to the right of left and also like to scale them down to 120px. So with Add QuickTags I can place a new button above the posting box and when needed it will add what ever code or text I’ve associated with the button. This save a lot of time and helps when adding tables or tags to a post.

Tiger Style Admin
– While this isn’t a must have, Tiger Style Admin completely changes the look of your admin pages. I feel it makes everything look less cluttered and is more user friendly. Which saves time when doing anything in the admin panel.

These are my most useful “behind the scenes” plugins but not the only one’s I use, if interested, check out my list of used plugins in the side menu.

Within the next few days, I’ll post Part 3 – Marketing WordPress Plugins. Tool and plugins used to help with pagerank, getting my blog listed on Goggle and other search engines. Why they are important and just what do they do for my site.

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