MyBlogLog, Is Anyone Still Using It?

Talk about a company happy they sold! MyBlogLog was the fad that lasted 2 months, in that time Yahoo bought them and then people started finding the security holes, the privacy issues (everyone knows where you’ve been) and the hacks (make yourself look like another user).
While MBL was a fun toy and a great marketing tool, last night I started going through some of the users that visit my sites, because I noticed even though my visit numbers are the same, MBL doesn’t change that often. Last night out of the 30 sites I visited only 2 were actually using the widget to show who’s visited their site. Since their pics still show up, this means they are still carrying the cookie around and showing up on others widgets, but most have pulled the widget off their site. For myself, I will probably do the same thing in the near future, not because I think it’s a bad tool but it’s a TOOL.. If you notice at times there are either hot pics of women or signs of make money now, these aren’t the people visiting your site to read it and interested in what you’re saying, they just want you to visit their site. Ok, visit my site, I’ll visit yours but not if you’re trying to deceive me.
I wonder what the numbers that are still using it are and if yahoo is mad they bought it (probably not, because yahoo is using all the stats that they are keeping from the widget, like what ads are clicked on your site and where visitors are coming from)
It was fun to daily see who hit your site, but there will be a new kid in town soon (if not already).

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