.NET Bind/update not always working or Update Panel hides errors

While at first, the titles may not seem related to each other but they are.

I fought this for a couple days. I have multiple listboxes, If you click an item in one, it changes the items in the second. 9 out of 10 times this would work but there were a few instances where the listbox would not change, even though in the code behind you can see the new data and it binds to the listbox. No errors are shown.

Searching through the web I ran into someone having a different issue but it was caused by the updatepanel, I have an updatepanel, lets disable it. As soon as I disabled the update panel, I received an error on my master page but it was about the listbox. In my code it was possible to try to highlight multiple items in the listbox but I had each box set to single. Once I fixed that, the data was now binding and updating. I enabled the updatepanel and Boom! all was working.


So if you come across any off the wall problems, first try disabling your updatepanel.



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