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If I find a graphic or photo that I want to link to either in one of my blogs or a forum, there are usually many steps that need to be taken. This will most the time stop me from adding the pic to my post (because I’m lazy)

Not anymore ! This software has been writen about other places but since I just came across it yesterday and this blog is about things i’ve learned, here goes..

Novell NetDrive allows you to map a drive on your workstation and, via the internet, connect to a folder on Novell, Windows or Linux server. You can also map multiple drives to multiples servers. The drive mapping will show up in Windows explorer and look and act like a local drive. It can map drives via FTP, SFTP, WebDav, and iFolder.

NetDrive is an OEM/re-branded version of WebDrive from South River Technologies. Novell licensed the WebDrive technology from SRT for use in a Novell Netware setting. It is mainly used to access Novell user directories remotely, and is distributed on the Novell Netware CDs. They do not distribute it on their site due to liscensing issues.

In english this means I will have a drive letter (say z:) and it will be connected straight to my server that my blog is on. The way i’ve set mine up is I’ve created a new login that went straight to a folder on my server, this way I have one spot all my images are at and easily know where to link them to. Another plus is if I see an image I like online I can just drag it to the drive letter and it auto sends it to the server. Gone are the days of right click, save as.. then start ftp program, connect, choose directory on both the server side and the client side, upload. Now I drag to drive letter and done.
Like it says in the quote from Wikipedia, “They do not distribute it” but if you do a google search you’ll find a link to it (hint usually from an university and probably a couple pages into google)

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    Took days to find it. So I reposted it. See


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