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Be careful what you wish for, remember hearing that growing up, well, it’s true.

Two months ago, I took a small trip back home to Peoria, Illinois to visit friends and family. While there I was talking to my best friend Scott of Scott’s Blog Experience about one of our local bar hangouts and how they were getting ready to host a Karaoke Contest, it being their 4th year, what could they do to boost attendance and contestants. Scott thought a wesite would help them so we began to brain storm. For those that may not know, “Brain Storming” for us is to sit at a computer for about 1 hours, get 3 ideas, give up and hit the bar. The Bar! a magical place.. it’s the bar were 10-20 ideas come up, not always good ones or even legal but it’s a start.

We had exactly 3 days to get an idea for the site, register bartonvilleidol.com, put it together, get all the technology working and show the bar owners. The next 3 days were filled with staying up till 3 am, working with mp3’s, flickr and poll plugins and building templates for the blog post. Yes, I did say blog post, with such a small time limit, why not use something that works, has the plugins we need and probably won’t crash the server.
With the site finished, here came opening night, duets contest. With small amounts of advertising for the site we didn’t think there would be alot of traffic and we were correct. That night they had the contestants sing, Scott walked around with his swivel top, laptop and took votes straight to the site and informed everyone how they could vote online the next day. Scott then spent hours creating a post for each contestant, including pics, mp3 of their performance and a small amount of info on each.
The next day we started to get small amounts of traffic, but then then next night came along, Pro’s. I had told Scott there may be 5 contestants that night, wow was I wrong, 18 signed up. The next day traffic would not stop on the site, the local news did a story on the site because all the technology we’re using and the user interaction, people from all over the United States are visiting to listen and vote for their favorite contestant. The contest is each Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for 5 weeks, since nothing happens the rest of the week our traffic tappers down a bit, but Tuesday-Thursday we are getting over 1000 unique visitors a day and so far over 50 thousand hits.
Everyone always says how great it would be to get a site with these kinds of numbers, think twice about that! Scott spends hours at the bar with the contestants, then gets up early and spends 3 hours setting up the contestants pages. I spend hours each day making sure the site is running correctly, making sure our bandwidth and the server is doing ok, editing graphics, adding pages and links. We both spend almost every 20 minutes moderating the so far 764 comments that are coming ever hour of the day. So remember be careful what you wish for!

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