Pink Magazine just went Cheap

Yes, the title and image are strange for a tech blog but hold on a bit… Here’s the back story..
My wife receives Pink Magazine every month, I’ve never read it but I have carried it from the mail box into the house, month after month. Yesterday, I open the mailbox and see the Pink Magazine, grab it and instantly put all the mail back in the box except the magazine. Again, I haven’t read it, but something seemed different, the cover felt different and the entire magazine didn’t feel the same. After bringing it into the house, I grabbed the month before to compare them. What a difference, the front cover isn’t glossy and thick paper, instead of having a hard spine like most magazines do, this months is now stapled and it went from 106 pages to 50 pages. If this was a magazine that I bought and read each month, I would wonder if next month I’d get my issue, specially with that many changes in one month. This brings me to the technology part of the post.
I’m guessing that the reason for these changes are the economy and not enough ads being sold. At what point does this happen to many publications (not just newspapers) and at what point do they just start to go online? If I was forced to take my magazine and change it to something that in my opinion looks like a college magazine, I’d be seriously thinking of online. In Pink’s defense, they do already have a large online presence. Seeing all these changes may have only been noticed by me, since I did a few searches today and found no one else complaining about them.

What are your thoughts? about magazines going online? would you complain if your favorite magazine suddenly went cheap on you?

I just found some info on Pink Magazines site about this, they only mention one of the changes but they also do mention they’ve started Pink Magazine Online.. So I guess i’m a bit behind on this..
Read about it here

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