Plugins, Widgets and WordPress, OhMy

Focus… That is what this blog needs. Focus on what I want to share with everyone and what I want to write about. For the last couple weeks i’ve sat and thought about what this blogs main focus should be.
I love to read and talk about technology but it’s so broad of a subject that I can’t help many users, some may come for web2.0 info, while the other may want to know about a piece of code I’ve come across. It also makes for a hard write, there is so much info out there today that I would have small debates with myself what to write about.
So I’ve finally decided, after looking at many of the post i’ve done in the past weeks, I seem to be pulled toward plugins, widgets and WordPress. I’ve helped other bloggers setup their blog, fix their blog and written about what plugins are on the top of my list. With my knowledge of how the blogging software works, php and CSS I think I can help many readers that will be starting a blog or have been running one for awhile.
So starting tomorrow, I will be writing about new plugins, widgets that you may want to check out, themes and little hacks for WordPress. I will also probably throw a bit in about marketing your blog and how to make a little cash with it. So stay tuned and I hope you stick around.

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