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Since this blog is about things i’ve come across and learned, daily. I have to post about a WordPress plugin I found last night while redoing the site.

My friend Scott Janz has his own blog and on the page he has many plugins running on the right side. Sometimes adding and configuring the plugins can be a pain, like adding his poll or webcam. To make this job much easier SideBar Widgets was created. You need to have a theme that is built to take the widgets plugin but many devs are changing their themes to work with them. After installing the main plugin, you can then find others to add. The great thing about this is that to add a widget you just upload it, activate it and then it’s drag and drop to add it to your site and to choose where it goes.

Right now there are widgets for most things bloggers have in their side bar, but not all. But with galleries, polls and feeds all being created into widgets every day, this plugin will become one of the top plugins for wordpress.

What i’ve done so I can have both the drag and drop but also add other plugins that don’t have a widget. Just add any other plugins after the PHP at the end but before the /UL

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  1. Scott J 17 December 2006 at 11:33 pm #

    Hey, that was a cool link you sent me with the top ten plugins. Found out that Cutline can support Sidebar Widgets. Have to upgrade though.

  2. […] SideBar Widget – Before SideBar Widget, adding a plugin to WordPress dealt with opening the actual code of the site and adding a snippet of code, hopefully in the correct place. With SideBar Widget, this is a thing of the past. Once installed the admin can drag and drop any widgets to any area in their sidebar. See my post about downloading extra widgets for this plugin and also how to add nonwidgets to a widget sidebar. […]

  3. […] FeedBurner Widget & FeedBurner Replacement – these are 2 different plugins but they work together. First, FeedBurner Replacement plugin will automatically take all the RSS feed links on your site and point them to Feedburner. No searching through code to find each feed icon or mention of a feed. Before pointing your feeds to FeedBurner, you first have to set up Feedburner through their site. Then using the FeedBurner Widget you can add the small icons for RSS, Add to Google, Add to yahoo.. All these icons come installed with this widget, choose which you’d like to show, move it within the SideBar Widget and nothing more needs done. […]

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