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I’ve mentioned stats programs from time to time, but have never really talked deeper about them.
One of the stats plugins I use for WordPress is Counterize II, The pluses and minuses of this plugin are they count every little hit on my pages, that is sometimes good because you look like you have high numbers, but also bad because every one of the 200 spams i might get a day is counted.
Compared to Google’s Analytics which count also page counts and unique visitors. While both are pretty close to each other in counts I find myself using each for different things.

Counterize II I use to see what my most visited pages are, which includes most read post. The most visited IPs usually helps me know where the spam is coming from and I can then block them with the IP Block Plugin and the most seen referers lets me see what links most my traffic is coming from.

Google Analytics I use mostly for nice graphs of visitor loyalty, page views per guest and deeper stats. It’s also nice to have a map showing were your traffic is coming from.

Both are free to use and while Analytics is harder to understand sometimes, it’s only because it goes alot deeper with it’s stats.

Next week I’ll be writing about another stats program that I was excepted into beta today, Reinvigorate, it looks promising and has it’s own wordpress plugin to add to your site, Stats are then sent straight to their website. Unlike Analytics where you need to add the code yourself (in the footer is best). I’ll let you know how the test goes. Till then Check out Counterize II and Google Analytics.

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2 Comments to “Stats Programs for WordPress”

  1. Tony 11 March 2007 at 11:20 pm #

    Reinvigorate seems interesting, it has a Mint~y look to it.. And it’s hosted by (mt), so it’s got to be cool 😉 *waits to get into Beta*

  2. Chris 12 March 2007 at 8:10 am #

    Have you tried the feedburner site stats yet?

    I’ve been pretty impressed with it. I tend to look at it much more often than Google Analytics lately.

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