The WordPress -more- Command

In wordpress when you have created a long post, you don’t want the entire post on your front page, so by clicking the more button it is cut at that point and the reader has to go to the permalink page to read the entire article. Most everyone starting with WordPress knows that, but did you know there are many other ways to use the More Command?
While working on a couple recent sites for friends, one asked if he could use his own text instead of the word “more”. After a quick search I came across Customizing the Read More page on the WordPress site. On this page they walk you through using your own text (IE.. To read more click here) or changing font for the message and how to pull in the post title into the more command. Another plus is the the_excerpt() command instead of the the_content() command in your theme will pull just the first 55 characters of your post and add the more link after it.
With customizable functions like this, it’s no wonder WordPress is taking over in the blogging world.

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