Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-13

  • @CooperSmash DM me details, I'll try to make it in reply to CooperSmash #
  • My iPhone flew out of my jeep last night and the front glass shattered! Blah! #
  • @emwav Wife thinks I broke it just to get a new iPhone in reply to emwav #
  • @Neferkasat that's what my wife thinks, but it was a mistake.. really 🙂 in reply to Neferkasat #
  • RT @yurechko: LimeWire owes $1B, but BP is only on the hook for $69M. Music sharing is 14.5x more damaging than a catastrophic oil spill. #
  • Can we create open source badges for foursquare? start with Freeside and defcon badges and then move on to WOW airport badge, ok maybe not. #

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