Umbraco MSSQL Settings

Starting from nothing, I’ve never seen Umbraco or messed with it, so I figured the best way to learn is to install it. I installed Umbraco v6.1.6, the latest stable version.

My first install was through Microsofts Web Platform installer but 2 days after my install there was an update and I figured if I was going to be taking care of this beast, I should know how to do everything on it, so manual install it was.

I deleted everything and deleted the SQL database and started the manual install. Everything went as planned until I couldn’t connect to the sql server. I have other sites connecting to the server so I knew something was wrong with the user I created for the Umbraco DB.

After some seraching I came across a great walk through for the manual Umbraco install on Windows 2008 (works for Windows 2008 r2 also)

Step 4: Setup database

Open up SQL Server Management Studio and add a database by right-clicking on Databases and choosing New database. Give your database a name, and click “OK”.

The create a user for your database by going to Security and right-clicking on “Logins” and choosing “New login”. Give your user a name (for example: umbracouser), choose SQL Server authentication, and enter a password.

Then go to User Mapping and in the list that appears, check the database you just created. Then you check the following roles in the “Database role membership” list:






Click “OK”.

After setting the user mappings to the correct settings, I could connect to the SQL server/database and I was next asked which starter kit I wanted.

And so the long road starts…..


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