Using WordPress For a Site, Not a Blog

WordPress is alot more than just a blogging platform, I realized this yesterday when I was creating a site and needed a couple functions that WordPress could offer me.

What WordPress Offers
Wordpress is optimized for search engines and with all the plugins that have been created for WordPress, think of the many things you can do.

Photo galleries: from your own site or from flickr (can you say free space)
News updates: Really the blog, but who will know
Downloads: along with counts of how many downloads
Contact forms
Block IPs or Domains
Link pages

And many others, along with all these functions, there are other plugins that allow us to show the links or banners randomly or have total control on post, what’s shown first or what is shown at all. We can even have users login and see content that others can’t.

These reasons are why yesterday, even though I wasn’t blogging, I was messing with WordPress. Here is an example of what I’ve done so far, Grand Theft Auto 4 Info. With this site, I created a static front page, with the look and feel I wanted. I then installed wordpress in the news directory, so once you click news, you’re on a blog. I then started changing the theme to look like my static page, this took the most time but was fun and I learned alot about themes. The site isn’t complete yet but it’s close. What other ways could you use wordpress as a backend for a website? I’ve got the news and gallery, what else would you use?

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