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I’ve been doing some work with video and adding it to websites. What I needed to do was take a dvd (not a bought one, a home movie). Take that DVD, and rip the files off of it. Then split it into many parts, take those parts and convert them into flash video. It’s then ready to add to my gallery site.

Software used:

DVD ripping: AOA DVD Ripper After trying a couple different packages, I found that AOA works great and will let me convert it to mpeg as it’s ripping.

Splitting the File: Ultra Video Splitter Again I tried a couple packages and while they all worked, some of them made files that when later I tried to convert them, didn’t like the file format. Ultra Video Splitter worked great. One thing I wish it did that others did, is let me choose like 10 different times to clip instead of doing one at a time. (but the file format is cleaner thatn the other I used.
Convert to Flash: Allok Video to FLV Converter Does a great job and will allow you to convert many at one time.

Those are the main programs I use for the video work.. One other I should mention because a user sent me all their files in MP4, so to convert them to Mpeg2 so I could then convert to Flv I used 4U MP4 Converter.

If you’ve come across something that works better or an all in one product, let me know, add a comment

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